Watch Out For These 4 Apartment Hunting Red Flags

Apartment hunting, specially on-line, is simple – maybe a little bit too clean. While the net and print ads may be brilliant assets for connecting people with housing that suits their desires, they can also be a breeding floor for scammers who're trying to take your tough-earned cash. Read directly to find out about a number of the largest apartment looking red flags and the way to maintain your self safe.

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apartment hunting red flags

Make positive you could get in touch with the property supervisor. Image: Tatiana Nicol

The assets manager is nowhere to be discovered

One of the biggest condominium hunting crimson flags is an uncommunicative landlord. Let’s say, as an example, you’ve sooner or later discovered a assets you want. You’ve been calling and calling to attempt to set up a viewing, however you’ve most effective been getting the property manager’s voicemail. Worse but, no call lower back and it’s been days. Unfortunately, if this state of affairs sounds all too familiar, it may be time to allow pass of that condominium and to discover one in which control is a chunk greater responsive.

The backside line is: The response you get now is indicative of the response you’ll get later. If you can’t get a response again now – when you’re looking to determine if you’d want to pay lease for this rental – then whilst will you? Just believe what the reaction rate may be if some thing goes incorrect. Good landlords constantly get in touch, even though they’re busy.


Take notice of the building’s preservation. Image: be-attitude

It seems a little run-down

Maybe the paint is absolutely chipping anywhere or the trash is overflowing. Every constructing may have its imperfections, however on occasion there are simply too many for the condo to make experience. As you stroll via the constructing, make note of those little imperfections and see in the event that they add up. Sometimes, all together, they imply that the condominium isn’t properly maintained.

The truth is, if the landlord or preservation staff aren’t looking after the little matters, they in all likelihood aren’t looking after the big ones, both. Plus, small issues frequently develop into larger ones. Tiny leaks left unmanaged can suggest big floods. Excess trash can lead to infestations. None of that you want for your new home.


Know the market so you’re conscious if an condominium is suspiciously cheap. Image: Domus Nova

It’s a bit too reasonably-priced

We’re not saying that cheap hire is a terrible issue, specifically if you’re brief on coins, however there’s a difference between cheap and unrealistic. Sometimes scammers will take current condominium listings and publish them some place else at a far inexpensive rate to collect a deposit from unsuspecting condo hunters who're excited about scoring a deal.

Do your homework if you want to make certain that you don’t fall for this dirty trick. Look at plenty of apartment listings for your new vicinity so that you end up familiar with the going prices. Always move see the unit in person earlier than replacing any cash, even if you’re moving from far away. At the very least, settle for a video excursion. Usually, these insistences are enough to scare the scammers away.


One of the most important rental looking crimson flags is an all-coins deal. Image: Allen+Killcoyne Architects

There’s a push to pay in coins

Yes, you’ll likely must put up a few money for the first month’s lease and security. However, if there’s a push so one can pay in coins instead of via take a look at, it could be a sign which you’re about to get scammed. Always ask on your price alternatives and, if the landlord or belongings manager strongly insists on an all-coins transaction, proceed with caution.

If you do determine to undergo with it, make sure that you have seen the condo in-individual and which you have the signed and completed lease files in hand. Even even though having this stuff won’t absolutely shield you, it is able to provide you with some criminal recourse inside the event that the “landlord” is up to no true.

Have you been condo looking these days? What condominium looking crimson flags have you discovered which might be well worth sharing? Let us understand inside the remarks.

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