You'll Fall in Love With These Stunning Rooftop Deck Designs

The maximum commonplace place to discover a rooftop deck is within the city, in which loss of area lends itself to building up. However, their exceptional perspectives make rooftop decks an enviable feature in any home. Even when you have the space for a conventional outdoor deck or patio, you may want to don't forget searching into rooftop deck designs for your property.

rooftop deck designs

Decide the way you need to use your deck. Image: Chicago Roof Deck & Garden

Types of rooftop decks

When putting collectively a rooftop deck, the most crucial thing to decide upon is how you propose to apply it. There are three fundamental functions to choose from. They are:

  • Lounge area: The maximum not unusual use for a rooftop deck is a front room area. If that is the form of layout you’re after, make certain to include masses of at ease seating options, plus plush add-ons like throw pillows and blankets. In this situation, a focus like an attention-grabbing table or fireplace will help round out your design.
  • Rooftop lawn: Adding a rooftop garden, or living inexperienced roof, isn’t pretty much the aesthetic blessings; there are sensible ones as properly. For one, these capabilities help reduce flooding and shield your roof from put on and tear. For some other, they assist insulate your private home, which saves on heating and cooling prices. If you decide to head this course, select flora on the way to do nicely for your unique weather.
  • Dining area: If you’re craving an outside dining area, your rooftop deck would be specifically used as a area for family and friends to acquire for meals. Here, all you actually need is a eating table, however you can don't forget adding a moist bar or kitchen to the mixture.

Rooftop deck layout thoughts


There’s no reason not to encompass a mattress for while you experience like analyzing or lounging. Image: Liquid Interiors Limited


These canopies offer a dramatic flair in design, in addition to safety from the recent sun. Image: Chicago Green Design Inc.


Feel unfastened to get innovative with seating, like with this clam on a half of shell. Image: K√úCHE & DESIGN


If you live in a cooler weather, extend the life of your rooftop deck by adding a fire. Image: Dufner Heighes Inc

functional areas

If you have got sufficient area, recollect adding two distinct purposeful areas: one for sitting and one for dining. Image: Jacalyn Gould Landscape Architect

herb garden

A rooftop deck is a awesome vicinity to shop and develop your herb garden. Image: Time2Design


Consider including a pergola to assist preserve the rooftop deck cool in the summer season solar. Image: Lolo Mestanza


Adding flowers and greenery enables your rooftop deck design pop. Image: Adolfo Harrison Gardens


Sometimes rooftop deck designs can be simple. All you want is a bench and some a laugh add-ons like throw pillows. Image: Laura Garner


As with any deck design, continually make certain there's masses of seating. Image: MB Design & Build


Adding a table right away finishes the seating region, signifying that it’s a place to gather. Image: Randle Siddeley

wet bar

If you could, keep in mind incorporating a wet bar to make pleasing easier. Image: Chicago Green Design Inc.

Do any of the above rooftop deck designs encourage you to create one in every of your very own? How could you like to make use of your space?


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