Solutions of plumbing problem

Solutions to a plumbing problem 

The bathroom is one place in the home where high levels of hygiene should be maintained. Every home dweller should be aware of common plumbing problems and solutions of which some can be easily solved at home without the need of an expert plumber.

These common plumbing problems and solutions and their causes are:

Leaking of faucets and water pipes can lead to extensive damage to the entire house especially if the water is leaking at high rates. Leaking can be caused by cracks in the plumbing lines due to old age or the plumbing system being faulty. This can be corrected by replacing the leaking plumbing lines or fixing a new system if in a non-replaceable condition.

Plumbing Problems and SolutionsClogged drains are another problems that causes the sinks and tubs connected to a particular branch line to draining slowly. The main cause of this is pouring greasy and sticky materials into the sink, dumping food wastes in the sink or if inadequate venting was not provided for when the drain was built. This can be solved by pouring high-pressure jetting water to remove clogs although one should be careful to ensure that the pipes are of good quality to withstand the pressure. A de-plunge can also be used to remove the smaller clogs

Another problem is when the drain lines drain slowly such that there is a backing of drain water from the main drainage line. This can be due to a blocked inlet or outlet pipes of the septic tank or a block in the percolation pipe. It can also be caused by a block in the main distribution line or freezing of the septic tank due to low temperatures. The solution to this problem is regularly checking the drainage lines, inlets and outlets to ensure that there is no solid waste or clogs that can block these lines. It’s also important to note that only bio-degradable waste should be disposed off in the septic tank.

A running or blocked toilet is a plumbing problem that can be caused by the pouring of solid materials in the toilet or use of thick materials that cannot be flushed off in place of tissue paper. It’s best unclogged using a plunger that is repeatedly plunged in the toilet and if it fails an auger or snake twist is used to break down the clogs in smaller bits.


The general rule in handling common plumbing problems and solutions is being careful and observant when around the home. Regularly checking on the condition of the pipes sinks and tanks can help prevent a mess. A thorough scrutiny of the drainage system will involve looking under vanities and sinks for drips, listening for noises from the commodes to determine whether they are running at unusual intervals when they have not been flashed recently. Signs of leakage can also be recognized through the presence of mold and mildew on the walls and floors.

It’s advisable to always consult with the plumbing experts if the homemade remedy fails to work.

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