Okay guys, so this topic is the most frequently asked question 

because I often post photos showing my underarms area.

And some of you ask me, how do I take care of my underarms, what do I do to my underarms hair.

I will share to you the tips & trick and the treatment I usually do.

So, let's just get to the tutorial.

The first one is, what do I do to the underarms hair. I always shave and pull them out. 

I combine those two methods. Actually there is one more method which is waxing.

However, I am a type of person who doesn't really have many underarms hairs.

In all over my body, I have a normal amount of hairs.

Well but if you have a lot of hairs grow in your body (underarms), I suggest you to do waxing.

Because if you pull all the hair out by yourself, it will be so much time consuming, and 

also might give you more pain. So you better go to the waxing salon.

Now I will show you, here is my underarm hair which has grown for about 1-2 months.

I haven't done anything to them.

I have more hair on my left underarm rather than on my right one.

Because back then, when I was still in elementary school, before my underarms hairs grew,

I often saw my mom shave her underarms hairs.

And I got curious about it. So finally I also shaved mine. But my underarm hairs grew instead.

So yeah, because I did it to my left underarm first, when I was still a kid back then,

and turned out the hairs grew instead. Before we pull the hair out and shave them,

I always scrub my underarms area first. And I usually do this treatment at the night before.

For the scrub, actually you can use any kind of scrub.

Choose a scrub that is not too abrasive, but still has gentle--skin friendly granules,

so it can exfoliate the dead skin cells & dark hyperpigmentation on the underarms area.

But for scrubbing my underarms area, because I want them to look cleaner and brighter,

I always choose scrub products that has a brightening effect.

There are a lot of scrub products out there.

But I currently use Scarlett Whitening Body Scrub in Romansa.

It gives whitening effect and also has granules, so I just use this.

I take this little amount of product, and just scrub it on a dry skin condition.

This scrub actually will help to open the pores as well.

Because we will pull the hairs out later, by scrubbing them first, it will cause us less pain.

Also don't forget the crease lines area, they also need to be scrubbed.

Because usually the part that looks darker is not on where the hairs grow, but on the edges of our underarm.

For example, my underarm tends to look darker on these edge/crease parts.

So make sure you will not skip those parts.

Usually after I even out the scrub, I'll just let it sit for a moment. Then, I will continue to scrub it again.

This will maximally peel all the dead skin cells. So our underarm will totally be clean and look bright.

Do the same thing for the other side. After scrubbing the underarms, I rinse them with warm water.

We use warm water in order to help open up the pores. So it will make us easier to pull the hair out.

Now, we will pull the underarms hair out.

To do this step, you can use any tweezers that you are comfortable with.

I usually choose a tweezers that has a slim tip.

In that way, I still can see the hair, because it is not covered by the tweezers.

This is the most time consuming step. I usually do this when I have a lot of time.

But the result of this pull out method will give you a cleaner underarms.


Because if you just shave them, the hair will grow faster, especially if you naturally have a lot of underarms hairs.

And usually the hair growth will be rough and will cause dark spots on the underarms, which doesn't look good. I personally don't like it. I want it to be totally clean.

So if you have more time, I suggest you to do the pull out method.

Especially on that part where the hairs are black & thick.

These are the hairs that if you shave them, will give you dark spots. Of course we don't want them. So, I will pull them out first. And usually when I'm pulling the hair out,

By using the other hand, I will pull my underarm skin in order to do this process easier.

This is how it looks like after I pull all the black & thick hairs out.

Even though I have pull out some of my underarms hair, I will continue to shave the thinner underarms hair.

You can use any shaver brand. However I prefer to use a shaver that comes with 2 razor blades.

Because usually a 1 razor blade shaver is rougher. I often get scar when I use 1 razor blade shaver.

But if I use 2 razor blades shaver like this one, it's always safe

And I always choose a shaver that has a movable top like this.

So it will follow the shape of our underarm, And will not hurt our skin.

So just directly shave the underarm hair on dry condition, without applying any product before.

Just shave it gently with downwards movement Then I also shave it with upwards movement.

Keep continue shaving until you can feel a smooth surface with no hair left.

You can also take a look closely, to make sure all the hairs have been removed.

After shaving, our underarms become more sensitive and have bigger open pores.

That's why I do the scrub first, before shaving them

Because it will be higher potentially irritate your skin, if you do the scrub after shaving.

And that kind of irritation will lead to dark pigmentation on your underarms.

So, you have to be extra careful when it comes to the after-care of your shaved underarm hair.

That's also the reason I suggest you to do this at night Because you won't need to go outside again.

And you can just let your underarms skin heal itself while you're sleeping

However, may be some of you will feel uncomfortable or hurt or sore

You can soothe your underarm with ice cube or aloevera gel

Don't use any lotion, because at the moment your underarms are having bigger openned pores.

We don't want to put anything on our sensitive skin that's prone to irritation.

Cause it will lead to dark pigmentation on your skin. So I suggest you to just use aloe vera gel if you really need that.

This is one of my favourite aloe vera gel, It is from Rose All Day, Skin by Rose Aloe-HA.

This aloe vera gel contains no alcohol, so it's skin friendly.

It also contains cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and algae extract, which will help to nourish and soothe your skin.

Just take some of the product out, And apply it on your underarm.

This feels so comfortable, because it gives the cooling sensation on our skin.

So this is the result, after I've removed all my underarms hair.

They are still red, as the effect of the scrub, pulling the hairs out, and shaving process.

But now they are clean.

Honestly, I'm so grateful because I don't really have underarm problems.

May be when I was still in school years, my underarms were darker and less clean.

Because back then I had not been able to really take care of myself.

But now, after I do all these treatments, I don't have dark underarms problem anymore.

On special days, when I need to be fresh all day and less sweaty, then I will apply deodorant on my underarms

So I don't always use deodorant on everyday basis. I just use it when I need it

Usually I use this Rexona Dry Serum Deodorant, It is easily absorbed by skin.

And what I've learned, the most important this is to choose a deodorant that has anti-perspirant formula.

Because some deodorants will darken up your underarm if you continuously use them.

But the one with anti-perspirant formula has no side effects.

One more thing ,  I'd ever done IPL laser treatment back then.

It is a treatment to permanently remove the underarm hairs.

I did the treatment at ZAP. I think the result was very good.

The treatment process is just shaving & laser. And your hairs will fall out from the root by themselves.

This treatment will also slow down your hair growth. Me myself, I can feel the impact of this treatment till now.

However, I don't continue to do this treatment.

Because IPL treatment is expensive. It was IDR 200K /treatment, and it was when I was still a student. Which I think it's quite expensive

And I'd also ever tried the whitening laser treatment at ZAP

This treatment also helps a lot to exfoliate your dead skin cells.

If you have a problem with dark underarm, I suggest you to do that treatment.

Because I used to do that treatment, and It did help my underarms problem a lot.

If you also have problem with too many underarm hairs, I will suggest you to do the IPL laser treatment, permanent hair removal.

Because it will really help you a lot!

Actually I used to consider getting a lifetime membership, but the staff said that I don't really have many hairs,

So it would be such a waste if I spent millions rupiah to get a lifetime membership.

And especially because back then I was still a student. So it would be too much if I spent that amount of money just to get underarm treatment.

So I decided to just get a 1× treatment at that time. But I never regret that treatment

Because the result is actually very good.

If you really need to get this kind of treatment, Please check it out.

I used to do that treatment at ZAP.

There are so many ZAP clinic right now anywhere, so you can just check it out.

So on my daily basis, if I don't have too many activities, I just take shower as usual,

And at night when I apply lotion/moisturizer to my arms, I usually will apply it also to my underarms, I feel that will help to smooth my underarms skin,

Also nourish the skin so it won't be dry. Because our underarms skin works the same as our overall skin, it's not healthy if it's dry.

I personally think this is not a taboo topic to talk about anymore.

Because everyone of us have underarms hair. There's nothing strange or gross about it.

So please take a good care of your armpits/underarms

If some of you ask me on Instagram, Why do I like to lift my hands up when I pose for photos,

It's just because I feel confident with my underarms, I take care of them So why I must feel embarrassed for them.

Thank you for reading.

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