Hardwood Floors: Understanding Your Options

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Hardwood Floors Buying Guide

Hardwood floors are one of the maximum popular types of floors, growing the resale price of homes and beautifying them within the system. But there are many concerns to make when deciding on and installing hardwood flooring, which includes type, species, size, fee, and brand. This manual covers the entirety you need to know about hardwood floors so that you can make the exceptional preference for your property.

What is a hardwood floor?

Hardwood floors can be made from a whole lot of wood species, inclusive of bamboo, oak, or teak. Regardless of the species, all hardwood flooring are stained to carry out their wealthy color and grain, as well as sealed to save you nicks, dents, and other damage. Hardwood flooring are rated from gentle to tough, however the softest hardwood remains pretty difficult. Over time, however, even the toughest species starts offevolved to show put on. Instead of having to replace it, as you will with carpeting, you can refinish a hardwood ground and restore it to its original appearance. The value of refinishing a hardwood floor is plenty much less than purchasing and putting in a brand new one.

How to buy the fine hardwood ground

To discover the proper hardwood floor in your wishes, you need to weigh elements like price, foot visitors, and kind. For example, the tougher the wood, the much less in all likelihood it's miles to be damaged, however tougher woods also are extra tough to paintings with at some stage in installation, which may suggest better installation fees. Another component to bear in mind is the region of the floors and the type of traffic you expect in that area. A excessive-traffic region is better served by means of a completely difficult species of wooden, as an instance. The following sections define the number one considerations you have to make whilst choosing hardwood flooring. 

Types of hardwood floors

You can pick out among forms of hardwood flooring: solid and engineered.  Solid floors features a unmarried species, at the same time as engineered floors is constructed of layers of timber, usually at right angles. Consider the following elements while choosing among solid and engineered flooring. 

  • Solid floors can be refinished commonly, while engineered flooring, relying at the thickness of the hardwood layer, may only get up to 2 or three refinishings. Therefore, stable flooring can last for several a long time longer than engineered flooring.
  • Engineered flooring may be installed in extra environments than solid floors. While engineered flooring can be floated over many surfaces, glued to concrete, or nailed to a subfloor, solid floors must be nailed or stapled to a subfloor and must now not be established beneath the grade, inclusive of in basements, due to fluctuations in humidity.
  • Solid floors is slightly greater steeply-priced than engineered floors, but the price difference is small in maximum cases. 

Choose the right length

Board length is another vital consideration. Narrow forums are less highly-priced, however many humans decide on the cultured of wider forums, which lessen the wide variety of seams in the floor. The same idea applies to shorter versus longer boarders. The wider and longer a board is, the more highly-priced it is consistent with rectangular foot and the larger percent of more flooring you need to ensure it fits your room. A widespread degree is to buy 10% more square photos than you want, however this can increase depending on the form of the room.

Compare hardwood ground costs

Costs can range from $1.seventy five in step with square foot up to $9 or more, depending on elements like species, width, and sort. While engineered hardwood flooring is commonly much less costly, the cost in comparison to solid flooring of the identical species is commonly simply round $1 much less in line with rectangular foot. Additionally, prefinished timber may additionally add any other $1 consistent with square foot in comparison to unfinished wood, but it additionally method you received’t need to finish it after set up.

One of the maximum popular species, Red Oak, runs about $4 per rectangular foot unfinished and $five prefinished, with extra fees for wider forums. More unique woods or those which can be harder and more proof against put on are extra expensive, whilst softer woods are normally inexpensive.

Read hardwood ground reviews

Be sure to investigate the providers of hardwood flooring, analyzing opinions and evaluating extraordinary traits. Some providers specialise in less expensive flooring, at the same time as others offer a extensive range of expenses. You must also search for reviews on issues like warranties, transport fees, and to be had widths. In addition to patron opinions, you need to read reviews from contractors who can provide the perspective of someone who handles hardwood flooring regularly.


Solid hardwood flooring is mounted by nailing or stapling it to a subfloor, that's extra limiting than engineered floors, which may be nailed, glued, or floated on a whole lot of surfaces, along with concrete. Once making a decision among solid or engineered flooring, you want to determine out whether or not you need to put in it yourself or enlist a professional to do it. While there are large fee financial savings to installing a ground yourself, it could invalidate your floor’s guarantee. Additionally, professional installers typically assure their work, providing you with the confidence that it will likely be achieved right. Installation costs vary depending on many factors, together with the species of timber and its hardness, with mid-range hardwoods, like oak, costing between $4 and $8 in step with square foot to install, in keeping with HomeAdvisor

Hardwood ground brands

There are many brands of hardwood flooring to be had. We define 3 famous alternatives below. 


A emblem provided by using AHF Products, Bruce is one of the best-recognised hardwood flooring corporations. They provide price and easy installation in addition to wide distribution thru big field stores. Limiting their species to most effective the most not unusual — Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, and White Oak — Bruce presents a variety of finishes and widths.

Kennedale Prestige Plank – Maple

  • Solid hardwood
  • three ¼” width
  • Up to 84” duration
  • ¾” thickness
  • Color: Cappuccino (dark brown)

Turlington Lock & Fold – Cherry

  • Engineered hardwood
  • 5” width
  • 10” – 48” lengths
  • ⅜” thickness
  • Color: Natural (tan)

Hurst Hardwoods

Hurst ships national and offers numerous stable and engineered floors, which comes in quite a number domestic and distinguished species.

European French Oak Matterhorn

  • Engineered hardwood
  • 10 ¼” width
  • Majority 87” lengths
  • ⅝” thickness
  • Color: Brown tones and colors

Tigerwood Clear Prefinished

  • Solid hardwood
  • five” width
  • 1’ to 7’ random lengths
  • ¾” thickness
  • Color: Tiger striped


Mannington makes a speciality of engineered hardwood floors with two foremost collections: Hand Crafted and American Classics. With a strong environmental stance and a huge type of woods and finishes, they offer many customization options. 

Mountain View Hickory

  • Engineered hardwood
  • three ¼”, five” and 6 ½” widths
  • Lengths up to forty five”
  • ⅜” thickness
  • Color: Autumn

American Oak

  • Engineered hardwood
  • three” huge
  • Lengths as much as 45”
  • ⅜” thickness
  • Color: Old Bronze


When deciding on hardwood flooring, take your time and stroll through your selection step-through-step, thinking about what you want from the flooring, what you are inclined to pay for it, and how you plan to install it. Hardwood can final an entire life, so don't forget your picks cautiously.

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