Allswell Mattress Review: Is It The Best Bed-In-A-Box Option

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Did you already know that we spend approximately a 3rd of our lives dozing? With numbers like the ones, it’s no marvel that maximum folks want to put money into a bed that’s comfy-but-supportive. However, affordability also needs to be a problem. That’s in which the mattress-in-a-field bed craze – and the Allswell – come into play.

I’ve had a bed-in-a-box earlier than and, to be sincere, I wasn’t inspired. So whilst Allswell contacted me approximately the possibility to strive out their namesake offering, I jumped at the risk. I wanted to peer as soon as and for all if those price range options are worth it or if it’s higher to simply store your pennies for the actual aspect.

Here’s how it went:


The Allswell is Walmart’s answer to the bed-in-a-container trend. Image: Allswell

What is Allswell?

Allswell is a design-centric home brand underneath the helm of Walmart. This on line-simplest retailer is meant to be a one-prevent keep for all of your bedding needs. In addition to the mattresses that we’ll be discussing in this newsletter, Allswell additionally offers numerous collections of bedding, all of which have been designed by using life-style specialists like HGTV host Genevieve Gorder. Plus, they’re totally Instagram-worthy.

But aesthetics aside, Allswell is concentrated on bringing you first-rate sleep merchandise at a fragment of the normal charge. The logo’s challenge declaration says all of it: “We agree with that a high priced sleep enjoy shouldn’t come at a luxurious fee.”

Right now, there are distinct Allswell merchandise. Image: Allswell

Your Allswell buy options

The Allswell line has gone through a few modifications since its inception in February 2018. As of proper now, they offer two awesome options: the Allswell and the Allswell Luxe Hybrid. Here are some specifications on each version:

The Allswell

  • $245 – $420, relying on length
  • 10″ thick
  • Hybrid foam and coil era
  • High-performance memory foams
  • Individually wrapped coils
  • CertiPUR-US® licensed foams

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid

  • $295 – $745, depending on size
  • 12″ thick
  • Hybrid foam and coil era
  • High-performance memory foams
  • Individually wrapped coils
  • CertiPUR-US® licensed foams
  • Built-in plush topper
  • Cool-to-the-touch top layer

It’s really worth noting that each Allswell services include a 100-night free trial duration and a 10-year confined warranty, so if you’re skeptical about buying a mattress-in-a-container, the employer has your lower back.

The Allswell set-up process

For my review, I changed into given the simple Allswell choice. But irrespective of which product you in the long run become selecting, Allswell is devoted to making the set-up procedure as smooth as viable.

For $99, the organization offers a “White Glove Service,” this means that they'll ship someone to your property to set the bed up for you. If you choose to waive your proper to the 100-night trial duration, they will additionally dispose of your antique mattress at no cost. However, in case you need to hang onto your trial period, they’ll nonetheless contend with your vintage mattress for an extra $49.

Normally, I’m all for convenience offerings like those, however this time, I wanted to give you an honest picture of what set-up would possibly appear to be so I opted out and chose to installation my own bed as an alternative.

The packaging

Within some days of ordering, a box arrived at my door that looked like this:


The Allswell comes packaged in one neat field.

In case you can’t study it from the picture above, the box comes with a caution.


The caution is proper. It’s heavier than it appears.

It says, “BE CAREFUL: I’m heavier than I look.” The caution is true. This sucker is heavy.

I’m not very sturdy, and I had human beings supporting me flow this bed up a flight of stairs to my room and it wasn’t smooth. I’d say you’d want as a minimum human beings to move it. Otherwise, it could be really worth making an investment inside the “White Glove” provider.

The set-up

Once we got it upstairs, the subsequent step turned into to check out what changed into inside the box.


The mattress comes all wrapped up in a bit tube.

The bed comes wrapped up in a little vacuum-sealed tube like this.

One thrilling element about my revel in changed into that the bed turned into the most effective issue within the box. There had been no instructions or something else.

In doing research for this newsletter, I’ve gathered that different reviewers additionally received commands and a slicing device, geared toward assisting you open the packaging with out accidentally puncturing the bed inside. I didn’t see something like that in my field, however it could were a fluke.

Luckily, I was able to cut via the packaging simply first-rate with scissors and no puncture wounds have been sustained. Once you america the packaging, this occurs:


The bed will begin to inflate as quickly as you open it.

The bed started to inflate quite lots as soon because it become unsealed.

When reading the commands on-line later – again, there had been no commands within the box – I discovered that I turned into supposed to have located the tube in the center of my bedframe before unsealing it. I believe that this would have made positioning the bed even less difficult, but we had been capable of elevate it on without a lot of an issue.

When it’s prepared, it looks like this:

out of the box

The Allswell, out of the box.

The ready duration

I’ve had mattress-in-a-field mattresses before so I knew that they usually want a while to inflate absolutely earlier than you could sleep on them. I suspected that the Allswell would be the equal manner, so I did a bit digging on line.

I was right. On the Allswell website, it says that the bed need to inflate fully within a few minutes of beginning, however that the process could absorb to forty eight hours.

In the stop, I chose to anticipate the full forty eight hours before drowsing on the bed – and I turned into glad I did.


The Allswell, fully inflated.

Hopefully, you could see the distinction among this image and the one above, however I’d say the bed inflated at least an inch over the two days that I left it to rise.

From there, it become just a remember of setting sheets on and getting prepared for mattress.


Ready for checking out.

The Allswell sleep revel in

For my assessment, I decided to break my bed experience down into some, regularly-tested categories. They are:

Firmness and experience

The Allswell is a hybrid reminiscence foam bed and it definitely sleeps like one. At 4’11” and 104 lbs, I’m smaller than average, however I nevertheless sank into the mattress simply sufficient to experience cradled by means of it. To me, it’s at the softer stop of the firmness scale, but I’ve never had a reminiscence foam bed earlier than, so take that with a grain of salt. That said, I didn’t have any issues slumbering at the bed and, after about a week, I got used to the feel of the foam topper.

I’m a chronic stomach sleeper, which is probably why I opt for a less attackable bed, however so that you can give you a thorough overview, I made a point of dozing in some distinct positions.

Side sleepers, whose positioning is in particular hard on the joints, could be glad to realize that the Allswell gives greater-than-sufficient assist in your hips, knees and shoulders. I have a tendency to have lower back ache once I spend all night on my side and, substantially, I didn’t this time. Back sleepers, alternatively, need to understand that whilst you do sense cradled by using the mattress, I didn’t experience that caught-in-the-mud feeling that every now and then happens when dozing on a amazing tender mattress.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation refers to how plenty you could feel your companion’s actions from the alternative aspect of the bed. Ideally, a mattress will isolate movement nicely and your sleep received’t be disturbed in case your associate receives up in the middle of the night.

Luckily, the brand new man or woman I’m courting turned into type enough to return over and help me take a look at the Allswell out. All in all, it achieved thoroughly. I couldn’t experience small movements like shifting weight at all and could best feel changes of function lightly. I changed into even able to get off the bed without stirring them.

Edge aid

I sense just like the area support test become tailored for me. This is basically an assessment of how nicely the mattress springs back once you positioned your full weight on its edges. I typically sleep on the very fringe of my mattress and I sit on it to get dressed most mornings. Needless to say, my mattress’s edge guide receives a exercising.

Unfortunately, I did start to notice some mild sloping inside the region where I tend to put maximum of my body weight. It might also just be my bed, but if your bed edges additionally installed a variety of tough time, you can want to go with a mattress that has greater reinforcement.

Heat retention

I’m one of these human beings who is continually bloodless, so I’m possibly no longer the first-class person to be talking on heat retention. That stated, I didn’t have any issues with feeling hot in the midnight. However, if you clearly prefer to experience cool at the same time as you sleep, you could need to inspect the Luxe Hybrid model. That one comes with a fab-to-the-touch pinnacle layer that allows for higher airflow.


Off-gassing, for people who don’t recognize, is an industry time period for a sure odor that is from time to time an ugly side impact of bed-in-a-box mattresses. It comes from the manner the froth is made, how long it’s left to cure and the way long it is in the bundle. Fortunately, I didn’t have any issue with a scent, mainly after I permit the bed sit down for two days earlier than the use of it. However, for folks who do, the smell is meant to vanish inside some days.


Since the Allswell has most effective been in the marketplace for less than a yr and I’ve most effective had my model for a few weeks, it’s hard to take a guess at how properly the mattress will keep up in the end. That being stated, aside from the only spot along the threshold of the mattress, I haven’t seen or felt any beginning signs of sagging for the reason that I got my bed.


The Allswell is an above common mattress alternative, especially for the rate. Image: Allswell

The backside line

All in all, the Allswell is an above average bed alternative, specially when you're taking the fee into account. It completed nicely in almost all of the regions that I tested. Though it's miles a little tender for me, in my view, I’m going to maintain it. It genuinely did alternate my negative opinion on bed-in-a-box mattresses. I could advise it to anyone who’s inside the market.

Allswell Mattress Review | Budget Hybrid Bed In A Box (UPDATED)

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