I'm sure everyone will crave soft, smooth, bright, youthful, wrinkle-free skin. Both men and women, both young and who are already starting to age Especially when we go out and meet someone, that person thinks we are much younger than our actual age usually we will be very happy.

But to get the results of youthful skin like that, then we need to do extra skin care both inside and outside I will share a food recipe that tastes good, and has a benefit to care for the health and beauty of our skin from the inside Today I will use the main ingredient, aloe vera Usually, we apply aloe vera on the skin or hair, but what exactly is the benefit of aloe vera if eaten.

First, aloe vera is high in antioxidants, so it is able to overcome and prevent wrinkles on the skin.

Secondly, it can overcome premature aging Aloe vera can increase collagen production which can prevent increased wrinkles.

Third, aloe vera makes skin glow.

Fourth, Aloe Vera Contains Vitamin C, where we know that vitamin C is very important for skin health and beauty 

Then ,Aloe Vera helps the detoxification process, so it can help the process of removing toxins in our body become faster, so the skin will be healthier if our body's detox process goes well Aloe vera enhances our immune system. Aloe Vera can help reduce weight.

And actually there are many more benefits Another additional ingredient is, first I use dried longan fruit. I use 20 gr. The next ingredient is goji berry or wolfberry, I use 10 gr This goji berry or wolfberry contains high vitamin C, high antioxidant, so it is very good for skin health and beauty And also this fruit is very good for eye health Next I use 50 gr of rock sugar And honey to taste. 

Try to buy aloe vera with a rather large size This aloe vera is about 600 gram , in my opinion was quite large But there are even bigger ones, which are 800 gram to 1 kilogram. Usually the large size of aloe vera tastes better and is not bitter This aloe vera must be washed first Just like this. Today I will use 2 aloe vera for cooking I want you to see this .On the skin of aloe vera leaf contains latex (exudates) like this.The latex is yellow This should not be eaten, because this yellow latex (exudates)contains poison So that the aloe vera must be cleaned properly before eating. Prepare clean water, we soak this aloe vera first The purpose to soak the aloe vera is to remove the sticky clear gel (mucilage). Previously I had soaked an aloe vera for about 2 hours I will soak this aloe vera for about 15 minutes It's up to you how long you want to soak it. But I would rather suggest that Aloe vera soaked for at least 2 hours because if aloe vera which is soaked for at least 2 hours or more, usually the sticky gel will be reduced by 80 to 90 percent. if the aloe vera is only soaked for 15 minutes, then it will be more sticky gel Ok, I have soaked it This one is 15 minutes This one is over 2 hours let's see the difference The first let’s see the water If you soak for more than 2 hours, the water is much more turbid, this means that most of the sticky gel has come out If it's soaked for 15 minutes, the water still looks clear First, I will cut the aloe vera that I soaked for 15 minutes Aloe vera leaf skin should not be eaten, because the skin of the aloe vera leaf contains the yellow latex (exudates), it is poisonous, and that also makes the taste of the aloe vera become bitter Make sure all the skin of the aloe vera leaves is peeled, and if you want to rub the aloe vera on the skin or hair then just use the flesh, because the skin of the aloe vera leaves can sometimes cause irritation to your skin I remind you once again that only the transparent colored flesh is taken Aloe vera which I soaked for 15 minutes was more sticky We dip it in clean water Now I will cut the aloe vera which I have soaked for more than 2 hours It is not so sticky anymore Not as much as before.

 Ok we dip it in clean water too The conclusion is, to get rid of sticky gel of aloe vera, just soak it for a long time So do not use strange ingredients to remove the sticky gel I will wash 2 times each with clean water Next I will boil the aloe vera flesh for just 5 minutes It's been 5 minutes, we turn off the heat. Previously prepare ice water, we will dip this aloe vera flesh into ice water We leave for 5 minutes, this ice water will make the aloe vera flesh becomes more chewy and removes the bitter taste of aloe vera. I drained both of them I will let you see the difference If it is soaked for more than 2 hours after it is boiled, the texture is no longer slimy If I soak for only 15 minutes, after boiling the texture is more slimy In terms of taste, the two are the same, there is no difference Both are also not bitter at all. Then I will mix both of them. Then I will pour 4 spoons of honey. This you can adjust to each taste We leave it for about 30 minutes, better overnight, because the honey will soak into the aloe vera If you don't want to be bothered, this can already be eaten all you have to do is take the aloe vera flesh according to your taste, mix it with a little water or shaved ice, it also tastes very good. 

Yesterday, I made 1 jar of Aloe Vera which I already soaked it all night with honey So I will cook with this one Next ,boil more or less 800 ml of water We will cook the goji berry or wolfberry and dried longan fruit first Let's cook for 15 minutes Next put in all the rock sugar Stir until all the sugar is dissolved. We let it cool slightly for 5 minutes Finally pour in all this aloe vera. This is ready to eat Tasty and Fresh I personally prefer eating the cold aloe vera. To note that not everyone is suitable to eat aloe vera Pregnant, nursing women, people with kidney disease are not advised to eat aloe vera. Eat regularly 1 to 2 times a week Your skin will always stay young.


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