6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Acne

My skin condition whenever I'm having acne problem, then my skin condition "slowly but sure" gets better.

And finally, my skin conditions are better

So I think I should make today's article to answer the mostly asked questions from you guys. I want to share to you how my skin looks like, when I'm having acne problem and also when my skin is in its best condition.

And because of that, many of you often ask , "What is the best skincare/cure for acne problem?

When the fact is actually there are many factors that could become the main cause of your acne. And also there're many factors that you need to know and understand in advance, if you want to cure your acne problem. So today I need to share to you guys, my version of the "6 keys to successfully beat acne. Because if you also have clogged pores and acne prone skin (like me), you must be know the "on-off" acne season in our skin is quite significant. The skin condition can change drastically even in just 2-3 days. So here's the way, how I can never give up to my acne problem, how I treat my skin so it could be better

1. Self Acceptance
The first key is Self Acceptance. 
This is the most important key. We have to make peace and sincerely accept our self, our acne problem. The most helpful way for me to get my self acceptance is by sharing my problem in my social media platform. Because whenever I share my (acne) problem, I actually will have a good mood (positivity). Because I've been through that phase many times. When my acne appeared and disappeard, and then it appeared again, and when I chose to be sad in silence, let myself stress, and angry with my own skin/acne. And turned out, I became very bad mood, so that my skin/acne became even worse, may be because of the stress. Because in my case (my skin), actually getting stressed is the number 1 main factor that causes of acne. Our mind contributes a lot to the skin health. So the first thing we need to do is, try to sincerely accept our skin condition at that time. After that, we'll have that willing to know more and learn more, the things we can actually do to make it better to treat/cure your acne problem. So yeah, that's the first thing that I do. No matter how, you've got to try to accept your current skin condition.
2. Get knows about your skin
The second point is "get knows about your skin". 
Because nobody knows and understands better about you (your skin) but yourself. And we also know that everyone has unique and different skin. What I'm talking about here is also including to know the real cause of your acne problem. Because there are so many factors that can lead to acne problem.
There are so many factors
It might be because of genetics, puberty, hormonal issue, makeup dirt, dehydrated skin 
or even may be because you're hopeless (stressed) then you over -exfoliate your skin. There are so many factors that can cause acne or damaged skin problem. Therefor, to know about it, you can start from noticing your bad habit
For example, may be you haven't really taken care about the hygiene of your bed, pillow sheets, or many other things around you
This is very important
Start from the simplest which is to know what your skin type is. 
Whether you have normal, oily, dry, sensitive skin, or may be you're born with acne prone skin. To know whether the problem is acne or blackheads/whiteheads. So get knows about your skin. The third thing that I also still learn about it until know, because there's a lot of them that we can learn about. is to know/understand about skincare ingredients. 
Because the main or the most important thing is the ingredients, not the product. M
any people often do mistake. They only judge or pay attention from the product (branding). This is the most frequently thing that happens. Because there're several active skincare ingredients that you can't mix or use at the same time. So learn and understand the ingredients, not the product. because if you don't, then it could backfire for your skin.
That's why I always try to explain a skincare product from the ingredients that it contains
So build your curiosity and have a will to learn about the skincare ingredients that you put on to your face
Look from the product packaging, and read the ingredients list there,
then google each of them to know what it is, what benefits it gives to your skin
it's so easy since now there are many sources that you can look for on the internet
Just google "hyaluronic acid", or "the benefit of hyaluronic acid for skin", or "hyaluronic acid in skincare"
Then there'll be a lot of websites/articles that will give you the answers
It's very important because the decision to choose certain skincare that you'll use, is 100% based on your personal choice. All the review that you watch or the blogs that you read,
They just help you as your reference sources
But again, you have to adjust it to your own skin condition
Because remember that each skin is different and unique
So the second point about "get knows all things about your skin and skincare" is a very general matter
Keep learning then one day you'll realize "Ohh, when I use skincare contains niacinamide, my skin becomes softer, it reduces the appearance of my enlarged pores."
By this way, you know that your skin love niacinamide
Or you'll also notice certain ingredients that won't work well on your skin. For example, your skin can't tolerate skincare that contains fragrance,
or perhaps salicylic acid doesn't work well on your skin, or other ingredients
In this way, you'll also know what you have to do, what skincare ingredient you need, whenever you're having skin problem. Another thing, I also always make a diary of my skin journey.
I make the diary by sharing my skin update to you.
So over the time I can track and know when my skin is in bad and good condition
I also take notes to the things that happened, which could potentially affect changes to my skin condition,
So I highly suggest you to have a book
that can be your personal skin journey/diary

3. Diet (what you consume)

The third key is your daily dietary habit. It means what comes to your body (internal). Because the food that you eat also can cause acne problem. For example, some people are intolerant of dairy products, egg, nuts
Or maybe you have too much fat or sugar intake.. So what I suggest you in this point is that you have to drink more (enough ) water to get healthier skin. By drinking enough water, you also make sure that your skin are stay hydrated. So yeah, it'll give huge impact. And also eat foods rich in antioxidant or just eat healthier in general. Well, I never do like a special diet to cure a skin problem
Cause I feel like healthy lifestyle will give impact, not only for your skin, but also for your overall body health.
You must have heard people often said, "drink this collagen or that supplement to get healthier skin,"
But the thing is whatever we eat or come to our body, it will also reflect the health of your skin as well
So it's important to pay attention to what you consume

4. Hygiene

Key number 4 is hygiene. It's so important
Because one of the main factor that will always cause acne on my skin is, when I don't clean my makeup tools my brushes and makeup sponge also the hygiene of my pillow sheets and towel. So now try to remember stuffs that usually touch your face. is it your phone screen? or maybe because you rarely change your pillow sheets? or it's because you haven't washed your beauty sponge/cushion puff?
Start to maintain the hygiene of your stuffs. That's the first thing I do whenever I have breakout,. I will clean and wash all my makeup tools. Because I do my makeup almost everyday. So I have to clean my makeup tools more often. Because acne appears when your pores are clogged by the sebum and dead skin cells
And the cause is from pollution, dust, and dirt around us. So it's very important to maintain the hygiene of your goods

5. Commitment

Ok, now for the 2 last keys is "commitment"
It's very hard, I know. However, the tips to make it easier for you is to set the goals for what you're doing now. Well in this case, the goal is definitely to have a good skin condition, a healthy skin, a clear skin.
recover from the acne problem or maybe to get rid of the acne blemishes (dark spot). So all in all, you have to set goals that you want to achieve. In that way, you will remain committed to be disciplined
in doing the healthy lifestyle. To be discipline to your skincare routine
So that you'll feel all your effort/struggle to achieve a healthier skin is actually a part of self love action
it's not an obligation (responsibility)
and you will not feel like being forced
because it's indeed what your heart truly wants
So every time I feel down and tired, like I just want to give up,
I will remember the first reason why I began to do this all,
why I want to consume healthier food
why I want to stick to my skincare routine
why I want to achieve that "acne-free" skin
I have something to hold onto, why I began to do this and what my goals are
So that's what underlies my commitment to go through all the struggle and efforts

6. Patience

And the commitment to stick to your skincare routine will need the key number 6, which is patience.
You must have heard people said, "I give up with skincare, because if it doesn't suit my skin, It will be crazy hard to heal the skin.". Well that's true, because everything needs process and if you have damaged skin
especially if it because of a mistake that you've done for years,. it can't be recovered miraculously just in a night. it can't be recovered just in a week. even it can't be recovered just in a month cause it doesn't work like that
you can't expect your skin will be recovered in a night with only 1 skincare product it never will you have to enjoy the process, the skin diary (journey) that you make,
to see even just small changes, every little changes that occur in your skin
So I want to encourage you to enjoy the process of your skin recovery. And as you know,
skincare brands usually state, "you could feel the result in a month with routine use."
From that statement we know that it needs a lot of patience
Because if you are not, it will definitely cause you new problems. One easy example, over-exfoliate.
Because you feel like you need to "clean" the pores, so you can get rid of the acne that's why you exfoliate your skin every day. But turns out, you over-exfoliate and damage your skin
because you keep layering the exfoliating products excessively
because you don't have enough patience to wait for the result and see the process
Well, it'll give you even bigger problem. So just be patient,
so you will know the limit and you won't force your skin. Listen to your skin
Again, learn to know what your skin needs
Therefor I'm sure, even if your acne problem reappear on your skin, you will know how to treat it
Okay, so I think I've shared all my notes here about the 6 keys to successfully beat acne problem
So yeah, I'm sorry if this video is very long Because I feel like I need to explain it clearly,
so this can be an answer for those of you who might have lost hope and want to give up
Because many of you sent me the pictures of your skin condition,
and I can tell by the way most of you tell and ask to me,
I see that you feel hopeless and want to give up
Through this video, I hope this can help you to accept your current skin condition and encourage you to keep fighting. Because I go through the same thing, whenever I've recovered from my acne, but then one day the acne reappear,
If you follow me, you must have known the ups and downs of my skin journey
But you must also have known that I always try to keep fighting, to not give up
I always try to find the solution, I always try to learn and know more about my skin
So I hope through this video, those of you who feel hopeless, can see this problem from many different perspective
that we can treat/heal our skin by many things, not only by using skincare
From this platform, I hope I can be a friend whom you can share your problem with
a friend that can give you positive influence

Share this article to friends, family, or anyone you think needs help for finding motivation

Thank you guys for reading.

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